Empowerment Events

Empowerment Events

We truly believe that when a woman is empowered, she thrives, a family thrives, and her community prospers. As women, we carry so much on our shoulders, but no one ever teaches us how to slow down, learn ways to untangle from the chaos of everyday life, and find more joy in your life.


This is where Empowerment Events come to the rescue!

Gaining Initial Experience

  • Joy Practices –  2-hour monthly workshops with a certified Life Coach! A favourite analogy equates coaching to personal training.  If you’re ill, you see a doctor to regain your health, but when you want your body to perform at its peak, you hire a personal trainer. Life Coaches are like personal trainers for your soul!
  • Women’s Circle – a monthly 2-hour gathering of women,  be with community. Share love, pain, heal, rise. We are in this together. Let’s move forward in support, with love.
  • Go Deep Yoga – a 2-hour practice that gifts you the time to access more intricate postures in the yoga system. This bi-weekly class will work on discovering the keys within you to unlock over time a profound personal experience of body-mind-heart connection.


All Empowerment Events can be attended using your class packs. 

Each event uses 2 class packs.