Joy Practices at Bayview Studio Fitness

Joy Practices

Could you use more joy in your life? Couldn’t we all!

Introducing Joy Practices at Bayview Studio Fitness. 

Joy Practices are monthly workshops where you can slow down, learn ways to untangle from the chaos of everyday life, and find more joy in your life.


Gratitude can improve well-being, relationships, and self-esteem. But sometimes gratitude can look like just another Hallmark card. So we’ll explore gratitude practices with a twist — how working with gratitude can help you feel you are enough, how to avoid gratitude shoulds and sugar-coating, and how to create a felt sense of gratitude for lasting change.
Joy Practices will be facilitated by Bayview Studio Fitness community member and certified life coach Jody Low-A-Chee. A favourite analogy equates coaching to personal training.  If you’re ill, you see a doctor to regain your health, but when you want your body to perform at its peak, you hire a personal trainer.

Coaches are like personal trainers for your soul.

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