Karate & Self-Defence Classes in North York, ON


Interested in Karate or Self-Defense? Class pack or unlimited members can attend this anytime, no additional program fees apply.

TIGER PAWS (Ages 5 - 7)
Our younger students have fun while learning the forms, history, and traditions of the Martial Arts. Improving fitness, building friendships, and learning lifesaving skills in a safe and comfortable environment can increase the self-confidence of any child.
TIGER CLAWS (Ages 8 - 12)
Our older students will benefit from the self-defense skills learned while studying and training Martial Arts. Using ancient Martial philosophies helps bring an understanding of real-life situations and defense concepts in our current world. Developing both physical and mental attributes will increase confidence, heighten well-being, and improve the overall conditioning of your child. Give your older child the tools and skills needed to succeed.
DRAGONS (13+ / Adults)
Empower yourself. Our adult program is tailored for meeting the needs of those in any walk of life. Through regular Karate training, one can reduce unnecessary stress and relieve muscle tension. Your strength, endurance, agility and coordination will also improve. By developing self-defense skills, you will feel more confident in yourself in any situation; on the street, in the workplace, or simply in your everyday life. Our classes are designed to be challenging and educational, with encouraging instruction in a safe and comfortable environment.
Learning simple yet effective defense techniques will boost your self-confidence and awareness, while physically preparing you for any situation. 90% of self-defense is preparation. Work-out as a family to keep everyone engaged!


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