Oh Pilates Circle, how much we love you!!!

You don’t need extra accessories to get a great workout done, especially when it comes to Pilates. However, sometimes it can help you increase the intensity of your workout and makes it more fun! Pilates Circles – sometimes called Magic Circles – can be great for this, and they’re really easy to use. Pilates Circles are pliable rings with two handles that can be used to add extra resistance to many of the exercises you have already done during your Pilates workouts. In our classes we the Magic Circle for the upper body, core, and the lower body to get that extra little burn.

The Pilates Circle adds light to moderate resistance to your workout without the need to use heavyweights. This reduces your risk of injury, and helps tone and strengthen your deep, hard to target muscles. Because the circle adds an imbalance to either the lower or upper body, it requires you to use a lot more core strength to stabilize the body during these exercises, making it a great addition to your core routine as well! Many of the exercises that you are currently doing can be modified to incorporate the Pilates Circle making it the perfect portable and versatile accessory.

Come to our Magic Circle Monday Pilates (or other Pilates Classes) class and find out for yourself how you can feel the extra burn on all your favourite exercises:


        Side leg press and standing leg press;

        Standing arm press;

        Hip bridge;

        Pilates 100;

        Chest press;


If you are looking to add a little extra toning and tightening power to your Pilates home routine, pick up a Pilates Circle and give it a try! Follow us on Instagram to ideas and inspiration on how to use the Magic Circle at home.