Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

Our energetic body can protect us, can heal us, can aide us in revealing the deeper connections of body, mind and heart. Energy healing sessions are a sacred energetic contract between both of us. By opening yourself to the healing, you are allowing in the true ease that healing can be. A healing that does not require you to analyze, compartmentalize, or overthink the process. To simply work on trusting, accepting and being your truest form of self. The session at times may have hands-on, as well as at other times, hands-off the body. A comfortable restorative lying-down position will be supported with blankets and pillows.


If you are still reading this far, you may be ready to align with your highest vibrational self, and you may be guided to discover what this means to you. We recommend 1 session or 3 sessions to start. Choose what number resonates and you are most drawn to. Energy healing transcends time, working in both past, as well as present and future possibilities. It works to heal physical, emotional and mental discontent. All that is required by you is your consent.

If you are ready to explore, we would be honoured to be your guide. 

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions are now being offered at Bayview Studio Fitness.

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